Pre Settlement Inspections & Reports

A pre-settlement inspection is the buyer’s opportunity to inspect a property (new or pre-loved) before the final payment is made. These inspections are not compulsory, but buyers usually want to use the opportunity to check nothing untoward has happened to the property since they signed the contract. It also reassures the buyer that the seller has addressed any specific conditions that were included in the contract.

We have a thorough check list of every item a potential home owner could imagine requires checking prior to purchase and provide a comprehensive report for all items which do not comply with the contract. 

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Dilapidation Surveys

We provide the most accurate, detailed and efficient dilapidation surveys to ensure our clients not only meet their responsibilities to Council, but are left with the knowledge they (and the adjoining properties) have been provided the highest level of protection against uncertainty in the event of a damage related claim. 

We have provided this service to building contractors, architects, individual property owners, as well as, some government departments. So you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality product and experience in this regard.

Non-Intrusive Investigation & Testing

Independent inspection and testing has become an increasingly valuable and sort after service in the wake of the building commissioner's crack-down on defects. Dyers Building Consulting has been engaged by some of Sydney's largest Contractors to act as independent waterproofing consultants, providing scope and specifications for waterproofing detailing to all internal and external wet areas during design stage. This has been followed by ongoing inspection and testing during works to ensure adequacy and conformance with the contract, codes and standards.

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Aerial/Drone Surveys

As licensed and insured drone operators/pilots, Dyers Building Consulting offer our clients the latest in drone technology to produce efficient and high quality aerial surveys, construction progress photographs and videos, as well as, inspections of otherwise difficult or expensive areas to access.

With multiple UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) of varying sizes, we can access everything from building facades with tight spaces between neighbouring buildings or cover vast areas from great altitude and in windy conditions.  

Whatever your aerial survey or construction photography needs, Dyers are the experts.

Remedial Reports & Scopes

Dyers Building Consulting provides comprehensive services to the property sector, including inspections, review of repair options, reporting, preparation of specifications, due diligence assessments and supervision of remedial works.

At Dyers, we provide a comprehensive service to manage all aspects of strata building issues. We are highly skilled professionals with knowledge of all aspects of construction, as well as a detailed understanding of the strata industry and its legislative requirements. We guarantee the best possible outcome, whatever the problem.

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